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Game Jam Entries


Based on the theme of "Your life is currency", Gunwave is a 4 Player platformer/shooter where upgrades cost a piece of your health. Balance power with life and shoot your friends. I designed all of the levels for the game.



Throwin' Shade

Written over a weekend for Ludum Dare(a Game Jam), this is a game about rescuing your pet sheep from cultists before he’s sacrificed. Unfortunately, you can only move the sheep by throwing it, which creates interesting potential puzzles. I both designed the levels and contributed to the mechanics of the game.




Completed for GBJam 6 in a week, the goal was to create a fun, retro-style game with a 160x144px resolution and only using four colours. I was responsible for the design of all 30+ levels of the game and ensuring that each one was both fun and challenging. It was ranked 12th for Level Design.


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