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Cabin in the Woods

When I think of people being chased around by killers, my mind immediately goes to the iconic imagery of movies like Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, and the 80's slasher films. The atmosphere combined with the mix of surrounding darkness and the questionable safety of a lit cabin creates a perfect environment for terrifying killers and their hapless victims.


In this level, victims spawn inside the cabin(green X's in the screenshots) on the main floor. From here, they can avail themselves of whatever supplies they can find, though being a cabin in the woods, medical supplies are scarce and amount to whiskey and scraps of cloth.

The killer(s) each spawn outside in the woods after choosing a location to hide their key. The remaining keys spawn at random locations(purple X's in the screenshots) within the cabin and outside in the woods.

Most of the action takes place within and around the cabin as the victims scramble to search for the keys while trying to avoid or outmaneuver the killers.

Players escape once all keys are found and used on the locked gate at the rear of the property.

Exterior (The Woods)

Large, gnarled trees dot the surrounding area of the cabin. These provide cover for victim and killer and also are solid locations for traps.

There are several rocky outcroppings as well that work to give a slightly elevated vantage point but at the risk of being more easily seen. Both outcroppings are located on the opposite side from the exit so the killers cannot use them to camp it.

Throughout the exterior are large bushes that can act as hiding spots, but rustle and create noise when touched, notifying nearby players. Another solid location for traps.

Interior (Main Floor)

The interior of the cabin is lit with lanterns that hang from the ceilings and sway if bumped, casting shadows with every move. Windows are plentiful, never allowing total concealment in any room.

In the main room, two couches flank the entrance and provide low cover and can act as an obstacle when being chased.

In the bedroom and the kitchen, there are large closets that can be entered to hide and the kitchen table creates a great obstacle to juke an incoming killer.

At the rear of the cabin is a trap door with a staircase leading down into the basement.

Interior (Basement)

The basement is one large room with low ceilings, divided by support partitions in the center. Boxes are strewn everywhere, storing god knows what, and providing cover for hiding spots and traps alike. 

Around the outside wall are several basement windows that victims can scoot out of into the exterior of the level, allowing for a quick, if blind, escape.

Though no players spawn in the basement, there are several key spawn locations here, making this a well-trafficked area by necessity.

Detail Screenshots
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