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Ragnarok (Prototype)

North Peak Entertainment

Ragnarok is a fast-paced, hack-n-slash, third-person action game with a heavy metal musical foundation. 


The game setting is based in the realms of Nordic mythology. The users will be put in the shoes of the main character “Erik” who finds himself in Helheim, the Norse Realm of the Dead. Ragnarok has come and gone, thrusting the nine realms into chaos as the titanic forces of creation rend them asunder. Gods have fallen or have been driven into hiding. Yggdrasil has been left in ruin and the parts of the realms that survive the apocalypse are isolated and vulnerable.

I acted as Lead Game Designer for this project, working in conjunction with the dev and art teams to create a fun, challenging game. This included:


  • a comprehensive GDD and supporting documentation

  • additional material required for funding applications

  • conceptualizing and iterating on game systems, including combat, talent trees, and quest mechanics

I was also part of the level design process, bringing the demo level from conception to its final version seen in the video and screenshots. This also included:

  • initial environment and level concepts

  • graphing and diagraming game tempo and beats

  • greyblocking the level and testing gameplay

  • terrain creation

  • environmental decoration and storytelling

  • lighting and post process work


Level Diagram
Game Design Document
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