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This Way To Adventure!

Cottage Games Studios

A dungeon full of treasure and danger. Brave heroes seeking glory. Only problem? These heroes suck. As a certified dungeon coach, the player will guide foolish adventurers through 100+ floors of monsters, traps,
and secrets.

Point your party in the right direction with signposts. Support them with spells. Hire, equip, and upgrade party
members to forge a legendary fellowship.


I was the producer, game designer, level designer, and overall product owner on this project.

My Design responsibilities included:

  • conceptualizing, planning, and iterating on all game systems

  • designing and testing all levels as well as incorporating gameplay changes as they were implemented

  • working with the rest of the team to craft an engaging narrative that flowed with the game mechanics and tone


My other responsibilities included:


  • writing and maintaining the GDD, as well as all supporting documentation

  • managing the Jira site and acting as a Scrum leader for the team

  • writing and submitting funding applications to the CMF(Canadian Media Fund), resulting in funding for a concept stage project

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