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Rollers of the Realm: Reunion

Phantom Compass

Rollers is an action RPG/pinball hybrid game that combines RPG stats and progression with pinball reflex play and strategic board play.

From the Steam page:

Flip, dash, bounce and battle through an epic campaign starring five pinball heroes with unique stats, physics and upgrades. Arcade action meets RPG progression and skill mastery as you confront an ancient power and rekindle forgotten alliances.

I worked as both a Level and Game Designer on this project.


My Level Design responsibilities included:

  • sketching concept pieces for each of my levels

  • blocking out designs that worked to both push the narrative forward and provide smooth and entertaining pinball action

  • bringing in production assets for final fit

  • lighting and particle effects


The images on the right are all levels that I was personally responsible for. I was also tasked with reviewing and improving on other levels as needed.

My Game Design responsibilities included:


  • developing and iterating on game systems, such as character progression, enemy stats, and item mechanics

  • plotting player power curves to coincide with game tempo

  • developing and documenting game economy to allow for multiple in-game resources using a simple Taps and Sinks methodology.


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