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Bendy and the Dark Revival

Kindly Beast Inc.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is a first person horror/puzzle game set in the same universe as Bendy and the Ink Machine. It has not yet been released, so further details are currently confidential.

I was responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining a comprehensive Level Design Document, detailing each section of the chapter in terms of gameplay, atmosphere, and necessary cutscenes, assets, and enemies. 

  • Designing and creating an in-engine greyblock version of the chapter, in order to test and iterate on design and gameplay.

  • Planning and prototyping puzzles and tutorial scenarios for the player to learn from and progress through.

  • Working with the art team to design and implement assets required for the chapter and place them according to aesthetic and gameplay principles.

  • Plan and implement lighting solutions to amplify the horror and creepy tones of the chapter as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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